Advanced Testing and Digitalization for Large Off-shore Wind Turbines

演讲人:Xiao Chen (陈 啸),Associate Professor (tenured, permanent position),Technical University of Denmark

时间:2020.12.17 14:30-17:00


题目:Advanced Testing and Digitalization for Large Off-shore Wind Turbines

报告摘要:Advancing beyond the historic feasibility limits deemed by designers, wind turbine rotor blades have eventually surpassed the 100 m milestone, making them reside among the largest single components in the world made of fiber composite materials. For wind turbines to operate continuously and cost-efficiently, rotor blades must maintain their structural integrity and reliability. This is particularly so when large offshore wind turbines are installed in typhoon- and hurricane-prone regions. In this presentation, advances and critical issues will be ad-dressed on advanced blade testing, high-performance modeling, and digitalization using Industry 4.0 technolo-gies. This presentation will identify the established knowledge, the latest achievements, the topical research fields and the current challenges for future research and development of composite rotor blade structures for large offshore wind turbines. Field observations, laboratory experiments, numerical simulations and data ana-lytics will be covered in this presentation.